Author: Minkukel

House on dike


Proud to be Dutch, with our expertise in dikes and water management … … but I can’t fix a leaking tap.


Cash and Carry … … Synonym for “husband”.

Khao Kiaw zoo deer

Weight belt

When scuba diving I always need to carry some extra weight … … to compensate for the empty space in my head.

Obviously modern art


If I didn’t drink coffee I could have had two cars … … If I didn’t have a car I could drink twice as much coffee.



“Everybody generalizes!” … … is my personal generalization.

Bali dancer


Falling in love is a chemical process … … so don’t blame yourself.



Intelligence is not the opposite of stupidity, you can be intelligent and stupid at the same time … … or just stupid on its own.

Three kings

Easy to remember

One of the few things I can easily remember … … is that I have a bad memory.

Darcy is thinking

A bit longer

Whenever I think a bit longer about something … I forget what I was thinking about.


Life expectancy

With life expectancy growing … … we expect more from life … … but what we get is more repetitions