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Forest mist

Brainless Blog

Sometimes I have these brilliant foggy moments; suddenly I think of something… Yes, that happens. Single thoughts, often about loneliness, cleverness, stupidity and other mental handicaps. At some point I started to write them...

Look right or left

My opinions

All people who share my opinions … … are right.

Sheep at Arbor Low stone circle


My wife is only wrong … … when she agrees with me.

Saint Martin

If Saint Martin of Tours had given his cloak to the beggar without cutting it in two … … would he have become twice as famous? or half as famous?



Which is worse: to lead a life so boring that you are easily enchanted or a life so full of stimulus that you are easily bored? (Bill Bryson in: Lost Continent) Well, which is...

Very unsatisfactory but good

When ranking something you can use numbers. For the layman and other morons it is always nice if these numbers have a meaning; you want to be sure that everybody understands that 2 is...

Popular language

If a politician speaks “the language of the people”, this should refer to the content of his/her speeches … … rather than the use of vulgar words.



What if the majority is wrong?



For a true Minkukel, the following words should sound familiar. Who can help me complete this list? Click here (or here) to send me a message.

  • Addlepated … Blockhead … Bonehead … Brainless … Dimwit … Dolt … Donkey … Dope … Dork … Dotard


Does having an inferiority complex make you inferior?

Rolling Stones tongue

Top Ten

The shortest Top Ten I could come up with: Brown Sugar Gimme Shelter Jumpin’ Jack Flash Sympathy for the Devil Paint it Black Satisfaction Street Fighting Man Beast of Burden Lady Jane Come On...



I’am always surprised … … when people take me serious.

Saving energy

It’s generally accepted (at least by me) that compact fluorescents (CFLs) and LED bulbs are improvements over the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. They have however one serious disadvantage: they use so little energy that you...


My short-term memory … … is getting longer.

Bali king graves Gunung Kawi near Tampaksiring mask


Het verstand komt met de jaren … … dus is vergrijzing niet echt een probleem.

Bali king graves Gunung Kawi near Tampaksiring mask


If wisdom comes with age … … No need to worry about ageing.

Flowers landscape in Italy

Thick skin

To be a politician you need a thick skin … … which makes you insensitive to the opinions of those who elected you … … So let’s hope there are a few left with...

Flowers landscape in Italy

Dikke huid

Een politicus heeft een dikke huid nodig … … Vaak zo dik, met een laag eelt die geen gevoel meer doorlaat … … Laten we hopen dat er nog een paar zijn met een...



If everybody would be satisfied with “sufficient” … … we would all have “enough”.

House on dike


Proud to be Dutch, with our expertise in dikes and water management … … but I can’t fix a leaking tap.


Cash and Carry … … Synonym for “husband”.

Khao Kiaw zoo deer

Weight belt

When scuba diving I always need to carry some extra weight … … to compensate for the empty space in my head.