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Forest mist

Brainless Blog

Sometimes I have these brilliant foggy moments; suddenly I think of something… Yes, that happens. Single thoughts, often about loneliness, cleverness, stupidity and other mental handicaps. At some point I started to write them...

Look right or left

My opinions

All people who share my opinions … … are right.

Sheep at Arbor Low stone circle


My wife is only wrong … … when she agrees with me.

Saint Martin

If Saint Martin of Tours had given his cloak to the beggar without cutting it in two … … would he have become twice as famous? or half as famous?



Which is worse: to lead a life so boring that you are easily enchanted or a life so full of stimulus that you are easily bored? (Bill Bryson in: Lost Continent) Well, which is...

Very unsatisfactory but good

When ranking something you can use numbers. For the layman and other morons it is always nice if these numbers have a meaning; you want to be sure that everybody understands that 2 is...

Popular language

If a politician speaks “the language of the people”, this should refer to the content of his/her speeches … … rather than the use of vulgar words.



What if the majority is wrong?