Minkukel Foggy thoughts

Obviously modern art


If I didn’t drink coffee I could have had two cars … … If I didn’t have a car I could drink twice as much coffee.



“Everybody generalizes!” … … is my personal generalization.

Bali dancer


Falling in love is a chemical process … … so don’t blame yourself.



Intelligence is not the opposite of stupidity, you can be intelligent and stupid at the same time … … or just stupid on its own.

Three kings

Easy to remember

One of the few things I can easily remember … … is that I have a bad memory.

Darcy is thinking

A bit longer

Whenever I think a bit longer about something … I forget what I was thinking about.


Life expectancy

With life expectancy growing … … we expect more from life … … but what we get is more repetitions

Wall and window


I don’t make the same mistake twice … … I am too busy trying other mistakes first.

Copenhagen bridge


It’s a miracle … … that brainless people can talk.

Tea garden

Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens is the scientific name for modern man. It is Latin, and translated it means “wise man”, “clever man”, “knowing man” or “thinking man”. … so it looks like we are not even...

Orange yellow flowers

Growing up

Girls mature earlier than boys … … at least 60 years earlier.



The problem with life experience is … … that it can prevent you from experiencing life.



The only “proof” that God exists … … seems to be that nobody can proof that It doesn’t exist.


Social Behavior

In many species of animals which show “social behavior” … … there are a lot of solitary males. How social is that?



Most problems in this world are human communication problems! Unfortunately … … we live in an age of communication.

Sun and trees in the forest

Care for your Heart

Take care of your heart! Regular exercise is of extreme importance , at least 3 times per week! But who has time to exercise three times every week? … It would certainly help if...

Bali umbrella


Is believing in nothing a religion? Only if you believe that everybody should believe in nothing.

Kao Yai deer crossing road

Think first

If somebody tells you to “think before you act” … … it’s probably too late.

Sylhet forest


Having children is great, is wonderful, is fantastic, … … is worries, is worries, is worries.

Church in landscape

Drunk talking

My wife says that when I’m drunk I talk too much … … I think she listens too much.


Deaf by choice

It’s often difficult to really understand people … … it’s easier to just ignore them.

Dung beetles

Beetle brain

I have the brain of a dung beetle … … it’s full of shit.

Oberndorf top of church


My wife thinks I know everything … … which is true, but sometimes I forget things.

Sheep herd

Bad sector

I have a bad sector in my hard disk … … they told me it’s all between the ears.