Minkukel Foggy thoughts


Brilliant Brain Wave

War!!! The Americans call it “peace process”. … The Russians call it “peace enforcement”


Grey matter

Actually, it takes only very few brain cells … … to be stupid.


Time machine

We urgently need to invent time travel. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Backwards is enough.


Never enough

Yes I have money, but never enough. Yes I am happy, but never enough.

Evening trees

Just try

Try living like an immortal, … … until you die.

Flower market


Getting to know people is fun, … … until you know them.


No tears

How many people will cry at my funeral? When it’s down to zero, then it’s time to die.

Flower on Thai temple


There are quite some mistakes … … I would like to make twice.


Good feeling

It may feel good to be considered “normal” … … but luckily I am not.



I think I’m suffering from Alz … What’s the name again of that disease?

Flower on Thai temple


Most people of my age … … are much older than me.

Folded leaves


As soon as you come in contact with an intolerant person you become infected. Intolerance is a contagious disease.

California stones in river


I observe how people think that they are clever, … … while in fact, they are not, … … and I wonder if I am just as stupid. … No way!!



I would rather have an average weight or an average income, … than an average intelligence.

Blue Nile waterfalls

My time

People tell me that "in their time, things were better". Not in my time. My time still has to come, and things will be worse.

Yellow house with bicycle


If God existed she would have outlawed religions … … First commandment: Thou shalt not religiate.

Bali Gunung Agung temple

Rolling Stone

How does it feel How does it feel To be without a home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone? … It feels real bad!

Long road in forest

Say nothing

Silence is a powerful way of speaking … … If you say nothing, you are saying a lot.

Rain in the forest

Books and movies

We invented printing … and filming … Now there are more books than I can ever read … more movies than I can ever see … … and I am bored.

Forest river


Experience taught me: you can either feel happy, or unhappy, or neutral … … But I am not sure. Is it better to be half the time happy and half the time unhappy? …...



If you upset me … … I will be upset.

Turn right signboard in forest


With ambition, idealism and optimism gone … … what else is there to live for?

Gelderse Vallei

Old enough

How old do I need to be … … to have enough experience … … to keep the people who I love happy?


Die for it

Nothing is worth dying for … … except perhaps … … the right to die.



What’s the use of intelligent people … … if they don’t think?