Minkukel Foggy thoughts

Tea picking

No smoking

I decided to never smoke … … except during my own cremation.

Birds geese


When you are busy reinventing the wheel … … don’t forget to reinvent the road.


Crazy people

It’s easier to love crazy people … … than normal ones.

Tree crwon

Try to explain

There is no need to tell clever people how clever they are … … and it is impossible to explain to stupid people how stupid they are.

Black bird


Your health is your most valuable possession … … but would you rather be healthy without any friend/partner/wife/husband/son/daughter … … or sick with somebody who cares for you?


Real problem

We have only one real problem … … which happens to be a solution to all our problems … … Mortality.



Divorce wouldn’t be so bad … … if you wouldn’t loose half of your friends in the process … … in my case 85 percent.


Old boy

I feel like a 20 years old boy … … in a 40 years old body … … being 50, the boy is worried.

Forest with grass


Trees versus people … … trees are harmless.



Synergy is defined as “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects”… So, if two people together are more...


Making Movies

Ha, they are now making movies without smoking … Shouldn’t they start making movies without guns? Or even better, without people!



The good thing about teenagers … In a few years they become normal people.

Mustard fields


Many people take training to improve their memory … Wouldn’t we be better off with training that helps us to forget?

Horses Giethoorn


Just found out what “sublimation” means … … it happens to my brain all the time.


Nobody but me

If I were alone in this world … I would probably feel less lonely.


Always right

I am always right … … ALWAYS … … except when my girlfriend disagrees with me.

No Smoking

Ask first

You are a smoker. You need a cigarette. Don’t ask me “Do you smoke?” Ask me “Do you mind if I smoke?” I will tell you.

Sunset beach

George Orwell?

All religions are equal, but some religions are more equal than others… … and for most people, their own religion is the only equal one. Equally stupid perhaps?

Statue Maillol

Higher or deeper?

Life has its ups and downs … Like mountains and valleys … Is the mountain higher than the valley is deep?

Bali landscape

The Brain

I’m not a brainless boy … I’m a brainless old man.

Wat Suan Dok


Things can always get worse … … but things can always get better !!!



I am not religious … For me there is nothing after death . .. That’s why … … I will try to stay here a bit longer.


Left or right?

My wife was always right. And I was left … … alone.

Forest road


Loneliness wouldn’t be so bad … … if you could share it with somebody.

Road and trees


Music is the universal language … … everybody understands music. It’s a pity …. … that so few people speak music.