Minkukel Foggy thoughts

Krimmler waterfall rainbow

My right

Considering how right I always am… … I must have been very wrong when I was younger.

Kitzbuhler Horn


If I were alone in this world… … I wouldn’t be much happier.

Grossglockner glacier crack in ice


A career which involves “something with movies” … … could be a comedy.

CHT girl

Expire date

I changed my mind. It had expired.

Smoke factory


We are all consumers … … feeding on our environment as voracious caterpillars … … but will we reincarnate as butterflies?

Woman and child


The term no-nonsense sounds like nonsense to me. It doesn’t make no-nonsense.

BD Looking in


I finally located the middle of nowhere … … It’s right here, in my head.

Vingerhoedskruid Digitalis

IQ zero

I am having an out-of-memory experience. … … …

Bangladesh farmer


For better efficiency I suggest that we hold our meetings with not more than 5 persons talking at the same time, and perhaps 2 or 3 on the mobile phone, but the total should...

Arc Paris


France would be even nicer … … without the Fwench. They think they own it.