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Vingerhoedskruid Digitalis

IQ zero

I am having an out-of-memory experience. … … …

Bangladesh farmer


For better efficiency I suggest that we hold our meetings with not more than 5 persons talking at the same time, and perhaps 2 or 3 on the mobile phone, but the total should...

Arc Paris


France would be even nicer … … without the Fwench. They think they own it.

Italy lemons

The truth

Most people lie … … when they deny that they lie.


Talk talk

I don’t need much. I just need somebody to be silent to.

Landscape clouds

Better world

It would be great if all people were stupid. You could say anything, and it would make sense.

Elephant in camp

Remember me

Most people are forgotten when they are dead. Some when they are alive.

Flower on Thai temple


How many trees do I have to plant to undo the damage caused by my 50+ years on this planet? Probably a small forest.



Everybody drives on the right side of the road. For half the world that’s the left side. On average we drive in the middle.


SQ test

We try to measure intelligence with an IQ test. But how to measure stupidity? Try the SQ test

Talking fish


Within the American species (Americanus capitalensis) there is a quite distinct subspecies called Americanus capitalensis sapiens. It’s very rare, almost extinct.

Horned caterpillar


I tolerate everything except intolerance. Ok, even that.

Red flower


When a 28th century archeologist digs me up, how can she know that the space inside my skull has always been what it seems to be? … … Air!



I bought stocks. The value went up 25% … then down 23%. Then up 60% … then down 55%. Then again up 16% … and then down 11%. Now it’s again up 19%, so...



I love dates!!! … Except the date when I die.


Carbon trade

Carbon emissions trading is a joke. In my street the speed limit is 50 km per hour. … As I only drive 40 I would like to sell the other 10 to the highest...

Bangkok cars evening

Money money

Many people believe in capitalism. Probably because it’s easier to get rich than to get happy.


Brilliant Brain Wave

War!!! The Americans call it “peace process”. … The Russians call it “peace enforcement”


Grey matter

Actually, it takes only very few brain cells … … to be stupid.


Time machine

We urgently need to invent time travel. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Backwards is enough.


Never enough

Yes I have money, but never enough. Yes I am happy, but never enough.

Evening trees

Just try

Try living like an immortal, … … until you die.

Flower market


Getting to know people is fun, … … until you know them.


No tears

How many people will cry at my funeral? When it’s down to zero, then it’s time to die.

Flower on Thai temple


There are quite some mistakes … … I would like to make twice.