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Social Behavior

In many species of animals which show “social behavior” … … there are a lot of solitary males. How social is that?



Most problems in this world are human communication problems! Unfortunately … … we live in an age of communication.

Sun and trees in the forest

Care for your Heart

Take care of your heart! Regular exercise is of extreme importance , at least 3 times per week! But who has time to exercise three times every week? … It would certainly help if...

Bali umbrella


Is believing in nothing a religion? Only if you believe that everybody should believe in nothing.

Kao Yai deer crossing road

Think first

If somebody tells you to “think before you act” … … it’s probably too late.

Sylhet forest


Having children is great, is wonderful, is fantastic, … … is worries, is worries, is worries.

Church in landscape

Drunk talking

My wife says that when I’m drunk I talk too much … … I think she listens too much.


Deaf by choice

It’s often difficult to really understand people … … it’s easier to just ignore them.

Dung beetles

Beetle brain

I have the brain of a dung beetle … … it’s full of shit.