On this page I show a list of my favorite movies.

Once upon a time in the west (1968)

Director: Sergio Leone

Starring: Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson

Once Upon a Time in the West (C’era una volta il West) remains my favorite movie after all these years. The title suggests a fairytale but actually it’s a spaghetti western with beautiful cinematography by Tonino Delli Colli and fantastic music by Ennio Morricone.

Once Upon a Time in the West
By Sergio Leone (screenshot), via Wikimedia Commons

The Wall (1982)

Director: Alan Parker

Starring: Bob Geldof, Christine Hargreaves

This is a film based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album The Wall. The screenplay was written by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

The Lord of the Rings

Director: Peter Jackson

Starring: Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen

Three movies, based on the famous books by J.R.R. Tolkien 1892 – 1973). The books are among my favorites, and the movies are just as good.

Harry Potter

Directors: Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell, David Yates

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Maggie Smith, Richard Harris, Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon

The eight Harry Potter movies are based on the famous series of Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. In all cases the books are better than the movie, but I still rank them among my favorites because of the magic.

Tess (1980)

Director: Roman Polanski

Starring: Nastassja Kinski, Peter Firth

Very romantic story based on the book “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy.

The secret garden (1997)

Director: Agnieszka Holland

Starring: Kate Maberly, Maggie Smith

Soundtrack by: Zbigniew Preisner

This movie is based on the book “The secret garden” (1911) by Frances Hodgson Burnett. One reason why I like this movie so much is the beautiful music by Zbigniew Preisner.

The good, the bad and the ugly (1967)

Director: Sergio Leone

Starring: Eli Wallach, Clint Eastwood, Lee van Cleef

Music by: Ennio Morricone

A spaghetti western ending with the famous Mexican stand-off where Good, Bad and Ugly face each other in the middle of a graveyard. Great music by Ennio Morricone.

Amadeus (1984)

Director: Milos Forman

Movie about the life and death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791) who lived in Vienna, Austria.

The Magic Flute (1975)

Director: Ingmar Bergman

This is a beautiful film version of the opera “Die Zauberflöte” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The original was in German, but this movie version of the opera is sung in Swedish.

Meet the Parents (2000) and Meet the Fockers (2004)

Director: Jay Roach

Starring: Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand

Two very funny movies.

Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Director: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

Starring: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels

The most funny movie I know. I keep watching it again and again, and I keep laughing. “I hate goodbyes.”

Hook (1991)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Maggie Smith

An adventure movie with pirates (Dustin Hoffman as captain Hook) and fairies (Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell) which I can see again and again.

Nosferatu (1979)

Director: Werner Herzog

Starring: Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Adjani

In my opinion this is the best version of the famous Dracula tale, based on the book “Dracula” (1897) by Irish author Bram Stoker.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

This is Disney’s animated version of the classic tale “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s an enchanting fairytale; a musical with lovely characters and beautifal music. The highlight of the movie is the song “tale as old as time” (Beauty and the Beast). The story is based on the fairy tale “La Belle et la Bête” by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont.

Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie (1997)

Director: Mel Smith

Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Peter MacNicol

Very funny movie with Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. My favorite quote: “Nice frame”.

My name is Nobody (1974)

Director: Sergio Leone, Tonino Valerii

Starring: Terence Hill, Henry Fonda

One of the better “spaghetti westerns”, because Nobody shoots faster than him.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Starring: Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kathy Bates

A very beautiful and romantic movie. It will make you cry.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Director: Joe Wright

Starring: Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, Brenda Blethyn, Donald Sutherland, Tom Hollander, Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone, Judi Dench

Just as good as the book, which is rare for a movie.