Create digital art

This is my name in a digital form visualized as a piece of modern art.

Blue Red Yellow

Now you can start creating your own art. Type your own name, select colors and set some other options, hit the button, and see how it looks!

When you click the "Show it" button, a PHP script will generate your own piece of modern art. If you are not happy with it, click the "Try again" button, change colors or other options, and "Show it" again.

Here is another example:

Blue Yellow Silver

In this example the selected colors are Blue, Yellow and Silver, the orientation is vertical, the fields are 10 pixels wide and 20 pixels high, and some space was added at the beginning and end of the name.

Click here if you want to
read how the script works.

Tip: When you are happy with your design, paint it on a piece of canvas, frame it, and hang it on your wall. No need to sign it because your name is already there.