SillyArt 1.0 is a software that helps you create modern art.

Often when you were looking at a piece of modern art you must have thought "I could do that". Yes, you could, but it takes an effort. With SillyArt you can now become a modern artist with minimal effort.

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SillyArt will create your personal artwork instantly.

Download SillyArt

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SillyArt offers a minkukel approach to art creation. It produces works of art that look abstract, but actually they are not. Hidden within each picture there is a secret message, for example your name or any other short text. The program digitalizes the text and then turns it into a colorful piece of art.

SillyArt 1.0 is FREEWARE. You can use SillyArt without time limit and with no restrictions.


How to use SillyArt

The SillyArt program is easy to use. When the program starts you will see a text box in which you can type your name or a short text. Instantly the program will turn this in an abstract looking picture. Then you start playing around with the controls to change colors, shape and size until you are happy with the result. Finally you can decide to save the picture to disk or copy it to the clipboard for use in another program.


This picture represents the text: I love SillyArt.

I love SillyArt

Download SillyArt

Download SillyArt (0.28 MB)

Tested spyware free!

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Did you know that?

The header of the Minkukel website was designed with SillyArt.